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Norm Reeder
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Default Re: your review

I did post it Saturday, and got an automatic acknowledgement from Cruisemates that they had received it. So I don't know why it isn't posted by now. I've replied to some e-mails directly because of my comments above. So here's an abbveviated copy I typed in to some requests. I don't have an "original" full copy of the review I submitted earlier.

Anyway, It was WONDERFUL! The ship was full, and waiter told us that the next three cruises are all full.

The only surprise--there's no "semi-formal" night, only two "formal"
nights, and the rest are "smart casual". Which means don't pack a
separate coat and tie for one night's dinner. There were mostly shirts
and slacks those nights. Passenger mix was from "twenty somethings"
using this as a booze cruise (buckets of Corona's--get five and pay for
four in the Jacuzzis! to numerous wheelchairs. There were also a number of children which we found funny as school is now in session. They had the children's program running. Maybe these kids are in year round schools which can have different vacation periods than just Summer.

We went on the Las Casletas beach day and had a very great day. My wife
snorkeled, I tried the intro to Scuba ($35 extra) and we both had a
massage ($25) in the little hut at the top of the hill while listening to the
crashing waves--heaven! This was the movie director John Hustons's
private rustic estate and can only be reached by boat, there are no
roads in there. Lots of lush tropical palm trees right down to the
beach with hammocks and beach chairs for the lazy. Nice lunch.

For Matazlan we went on the Sierra Madre tour to two colonial mexican
villages in the mountains. Stopped to watch brick making, hand carved
furniture, and pottery making. Had another good lunch on this trip.
Just shopped in Cabo as we'd been there twice before on Panama Canal

We were in fixed seating (late seating) dining room. If you have
Personal Choice, be sure to make reservations for time and number in
party. You won't have to wait then. Lots of people just show up at 7
or 8 and can't figure out why they can't all be seated at once. Food
was great--we've been on Princess, Renaissance, and Holland America and
like Princess best for food. Did miss the non-use of the serving carts
and the pasta courses at dinner. Pasta is now an entree, not a separate
lighter course and there was no flaming desserts except for the last
night of baked alaska.

Weather down there was hot and muggy, probably 95 and 80% humidity so
pack lots of sun screen. If you have further questions, let me know.

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