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Default Re: Caribbean Packing List?


Here's Norm's E-Z Caribbean packing list. It's for gents, but it's easily adapted for ladies (just substitute skirts for the slacks, nylons for the socks, lady's evening attire for the tux, etc.) Also, you'll need to adjust some quantities if your cruise package includes a hotel stay before, after, or en route. This list does provide one spare change of clothes for emergency use.

>> Tuxedo, or Dinner Jacket with Trowsers, 2 formal shirts, 2 formal ties, vest & cummberbund (or Dark Suit with 2 Dress Shirts & 2 Neckties)

>> Sport Coat with 2 dress shirts & 2 neckties (in addition to above)

>> Tie Bars, Cuff Links, Studs, etc., for above

>> 8 Golf/Polo/Tennis Shirts (with collar)

>> 1 Sports Shirt, "Hawaiian" Print

>> 3-4 pairs Dress Slacks

>> 8 Pairs Dress Socks

>> Dress Shoes

>> Halloween Costume & Make-up (Halloween Cruise Only)

>> 3-4 pairs Shorts

>> 1-2 Sweaters (to coordinate with polo shirts)

>> Daytime Footwear (Sandals, Moccasins, "Surfwalkers," etc.)

>> 2 Swimsuits, Nylon-Lycra

>> Sun Protection (Hat, Sun Screen, Sun Glasses, etc.)

>> Sweat Shirt

>> Light Jacket, Waterproof, Windbreaker

>> 4 Undershirts

>> 8 Pairs Undershorts

>> Toiletry Kit (Replenish before Packing)

>> Razor

>> Camera & Plenty of Film (available "there" but cheaper "here")

>> Bible, Prayer Book, or Ohter Worship Aid, According to your Faith

>> Medicines, as Prescribed, in Original Containers

>> Cruise and Airline Tickets

Optional Items:

>> Athletic or Work-out Wear

>> Sporting Equipment (Snorkel, Mask, & Fins, SCUBA Gear, Golf Clubs, etc.)

>> Books to Read

Have a great cruise!

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