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Default Re: Dining Etiquette At Sea

Every dinner and table situation from cruise to cruise may vary. So, no rules except simply etiquette applies. Here's a couple of hints from past situations.

We were at a table with people that lingered forever over dessert and after-dinner drinks, but we wanted to make the late show, so YES we excused ourselves and left. No hard feelings!

We buy wine by the bottle for dinner. One cruise other couples at the table did the same. As the week went by, we all shared, because we were all buying. It was very nice!

Another cruise, everyone else ordered tea or water. So, one night we brought our own bottle of champagne in for our anniversary and asked our waiter to offer the others at our table glasses to share it with. Only one person refused, again no hard feelings. And, we all shared our bottle with toast around!

We always try to tell our waiter if we aren't planning to be at dinner, so no one will be left waiting for us. The waiter will only wait so long before taking orders, but they do try to allow time for everyone to arrive and be seated.

We've always been seated with other married couples, never with singles. Don't know if this was planned or just happened. I would enjoy singles, too, I'm sure, don't know if they would enjoy us!

Happy cruising!

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