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Default Re: GOLDEN PRINCESS Review - Transatlantic

Hi Carole,
Glad you enjoyed the review.

Of course you are correct regarding the engineering of modern day cruise ships. They appear top heavy but indeed the weight is actually at the bottom in the hull.

Probably what I should have stated is that GOLDEN PRINCESS rode out the swells and high seas fairly well for a ship that was not designed for crossings. Unlike true transatlantic liners such as REMBRANDT, QE2, NORWAY and a few other remaining liners, GOLDEN PRINCESS has a flat bottom as do most all new ships. This causes the ship to shutter and slam in high seas. Older ships with rounded bottoms and a more flared hull design seem better equiped to handle a rough transatlantic crossing.

During rough seas on the GRAND PRINCESS a few years ago, the ship was badly shaken and even damaged. The constant pounding caused the steel floor supports in Skywalkers night club to buckle. Of course the lounge had to be evacuated and has since been strengthened. I believe this problem has been corrected on GOLDEN PRINCESS.

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