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Default Ocean Princess

Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me about BC cabins on Ocean Princess. Sailing on March 20,2002....seems so far away.

Was booked for a J category, and with price reductions was able to get a BC guarantee for the same $..... my first time in a balcony cabin....I've heard that this balcony is small (that's ok) but was wondering if it would have room for a lounge.... is it in the sun or covered? How does the room compare to an it larger or is just the balcony added?

I was on the Grand last March for a 7 day cruise...this is also my first 10 day cruise.... can you tell how excited I am already....still with months to wait..

How does the Ocean compare with the Grand.....come on guys....give me the good and the bad....just leave out the ugly!!!

Thanks for any and all info!!!
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