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Default Re: Princess Cruise Answer Book

We returned exactly a month ago today from the 10 day Ocean Princess sailing to the Caribbean (would do it again in a heartbeat). If you choose to remove the entire "recommended" tipping from your onboard account you may do so, or, you can remove any portion of it just by stopping by the purser's desk. As for the new $10 fee per person, we were just informed of this last night at an informational meeting for Alaska cruises given by a local travel agency and a Princess regional rep. He also said that the cost of the soda card will be $20, although I think that he is mistaken there, he may have meant for a 10 day cruise, I'm sure it is still $17.50 for a week's sailing.

Additionally, we still like the old fashioned way for tipping our cabin steward. I'm afraid that cruising is becoming a little too impersonal for us, the cabin steward now seems to be about the only person that really seems to care about you, therefore we will deliver to him/her our appreciation by hand and in person.
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