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Default Re: Dining Etiquette At Sea

Congrats on your first cruise. You will have fun! There are no stupid questions. I have traveled both with groups and only with my wife where we didn't know anyone else at our table.

Q. Do you wait for everyone to be seated before ordering?
A. In the restaurant, seating times are assigned, so you everyone at your table will be served at the same time. You don't have to wait for late-comers.

My wife and I prefer the early seating times. One one cruise, we were with a group that had the late seating: 8:30 pm. So we moved our mel tme to the early seating: 5:30. On newer ships like the Destiny, everything is computerized, so changing your seating time is easy. Just see the maitre 'd.

Q. I read on another web site that people at a table share the cost of wine at the table.. what if you buy it for just the two of you.. do you share with other guesses at the table?
A. You can buy wine by the glass or by the bottle. The choice is yours. I have found people on cruises to be very friendly. Everybody wants to have a good time. You will probably make some new friends. Let that be your guide as you would anywhere else in life. If there is an anniversary or birthday at your table, you may find yourself singing congrats to the person along with everyone else nearby. So, relax, have fun, and make some new friends.

Q. When we are done eating is it ok to excuse our selves from the table or are the dinner courses served at each table pretty much at the same time?
A. This is your curise. While everyone at your table is served at the same time, you can leave early if you want or if you finish dinner sooner. I have found that I like to meet the othr people at my table. So leaving early was never a problem.

My wife and I love the dining experience. Remember that you can order as much as you want. So when it's lobster night, you can have three lobster tails if you want. Just ask your waiter. The same for the prime rib night, or for our favorite dessert every night.

On my cruises I tell the waiter to show me only chocolate desserts. They learn really fast what your preferences are. You will enjoy yourself.

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