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Default Re: Express Check in ??'s

About the earliest you want to arrive at port terminal is 10:00 AM. You can drop your luggage off in front of the terminal and then park if someone stays with bags. It is not a bad walk at all from parking deck unless you overpack like we did and had many suitcases. At 10:00 there was no line to board but it started forming shortly after at the doors on the left as you face the terminal. It was not obvious when we arrived where to line up. Once they open the doors you proceed to your designated counter (done by deck). It only takes about 5 minutes to get processed here then off to another waiting area. We waited probably 40 minutes in the next area before they started letting people in. They take your picture which makes this go very slowly so the wait here was another 20 minutes. We were onboard by 11:30 and luggage delivered to our room before 2:00.

Have a great cruise!
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