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Default Re: What's a guy to do???

I kinda have the same problem with my wife. She looks for a cruise with max days at sea and would spend every daytime moment (aside from dining times) lying on deck in the sun. We usually find a place on deck where there's both a spot in the sun and a spot in the shade nearby. When I get bored with this relaxation, I usually find some activity around to occupy myself, such as ping pong, movie, silly contests going on, or workout. Seems that SOMETHING is scheduled at least every hour or so, except for time spent in port, when such activities seem more scarce. We always seem to get off the ship and discover what is happening in port. If all else fails, you can always venture up to the topless deck and view the scenery there. Actually, I rather enjoy a little extra time during the day to rest up for the evening shows and activities which often last well past midnight.
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