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Default Re: Sea Princess to Alaska


We didn't do the steakhouse dining venue ... mainly 'cause we are not steak people (and I'm cheap). But we did use Lagos, the pizza place (by the way, you can customize the pizzas ... for example, we ordered double pepperoni).

Under the member reviews area, I think the review penned by a Mr Baumgartner was the most thorough. In fact, I cut out the topics about Alaska, cut and pasted the rest in Word, and took it with me on our Mexico trip. His description of the decks, etc, was excellent in helping to learn the lay of the land asap. Only problem I had was remembering which way to the front of the ship and which way to the aft section.

We did Personal Choice dining, which was great for us. Also, be sure and input all your personal information on the Princess Cruise's site so that you can get Express Check-in. I couldn't believe it -- from the time we were dropped at the terminal till the time we were smiling for the photographer at the gangway, it was 10 minutes! Absolutely incredible.

At any rate, keep the questions coming. I'm happy to help

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