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Default Re: Bob's Indispensable Grand Princess Cruise Tips

ADDENDUM to Bob's Indispensable Grand Princess Cruise Tips

My wife and I returned this past Sunday (Apr. 21) from our third cruise aboard the Grand Princess. As pointed out by Gloria and my own observations there have been a few changes that I will try to update.

As Gloria mentioned, unfortunately due to security concerns, the Navigational Bridge Tour has been eliminated. (frown) However, they have added a marvelous Backstage Tour of the Princess Theater. The tour begins with a really cool 10- minute sound and light show to demonstrate their state of the art equipment and give you the details about the computers, lights and sound systems they use. Did you realize that they use a 20,000-watt amplifier to power the sound system? That's equivalent to 200 home stereo systems. That is followed by a Q&A session with the Line Manager (leader of the singers and dancers) and the Production Manager (head of all the sound, lighting and staging) as well as a male and female dancer from the production shows. This was very entertaining and informative. These kids are extremely well trained and knowledgeable in there crafts. The audience is then taken up on stage to see how it looks and feels to be in the spotlight as well as learn how the sets are moved in and out. We were then broken into smaller groups to go underneath the stage to see the dressing room and the below stage operations. Then back up on stage to see the stage managerís operation of the sets. On our Western Caribbean itinerary, this tour was held on Saturday afternoon, the last day at sea.

Gloria also mentioned the strong wind suction when both the balcony door and the hall door are opened at the same time. You must be careful not to let money or other light items be whisked away, but it can also be an advantage... for clearing the bathroom of steam from the shower or any unpleasant fragrances... if you get my drift. (grins)

I noticed another error I made in my tips. In the section that I wrote about public rest rooms, I stated, "The best-kept secret on this ship is the restrooms near the Princess Theater. " This tip should have read "near the Vista Lounge." Those are the ones hidden near the Photo Gallery and the Explorers Lounge. The rest rooms near Princess Theater are right at the entrance and are large.

ADDITIONAL TIP Enter the Princess Theater from Plaza Deck 6. This will allow you to easily see the whole theater for your choice of seats and quickly enter the lower level if you want a seat closer to the stage. This entry also makes it easier to spot friends or relatives you may be looking for.

Another correction... I stated, "Food in back, shows in front..." This does kinda works if you are on Traditional Dining since you will be in the Botticelli Dining Room at the rear of the ship. However, if you are on Personal Choice Dining you will select either Michelangelo or Da Vinci Dining Rooms which are in the middle of the ship just off the atrium. So I guess for most it should be... "Food in middle, shows in front and back..." (smile)

Thank you, Gloria for your comments and additions... and thanks to Ann, Beverly and MissyLou. I'm glad that you found my tips informative. I trust that you will have a marvelous cruise just as my wife and I have just completed.

The attached photo is one I made of the Grand while on Princess Cays April 15, 2002.

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