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Default Re: First Time on Princess


I'm very impressed by the preliminary deck plans that I have seen for MV Coral Princess (and presumably also for sister MV Island Princess, which will debut in May 2003). This ship looks magnificent!

As a veteran of ten cruises with Princess, I can vouch for the fact that all of the preceding comments are accurate. On my last cruise, though, I got stuck in the "Anytime Dining" arrangement for the first two nights and can tell you that I will not choose that arrangement. With a fixed seating, your waiter and assistant learn your prefernces on the first night or two of the cruise and are "right there" with the things that you normally request for the duration of the voyage. With the "Anytime Dining" arrangement, you get a different waiter each evening so they never get a chance to learn your preferences. The result is that the service falls short of what you get with a fixed seating. I usually prefer second (main) seating precisely because it allows time to go for a soak in the hot tub before getting ready if one comes back from a shore excursion right before the ship sails.

I suppose I should forewarn you that Princess is currying favor with dieters by reducing food service to once per day.

Yes, that'r right, only once per day, but ordinarily for twenty-four hours.

Surprisingly, nobody mentioned that Princess gets a constant stream of accolades for operating the strongest shore excursion program in the industry. Their shore excursions are a great way to get "the lay of the land" and take in the major attractions, expecially on your first visit to a foreign port.

Have a great cruise!

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