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Default Re: Questions...

Hi Mike...

Donna has answered most of your questions expertly, so I'll just add a couple of things.

Donna was correct... my suggestion to have your formal portraits made early was simply to avoid the long lines. They shoot the portraits on both formal nights up to 11:00 PM. The following is a photo I took this year of one of their billboard ads in front of a posing station. The photo on the ad is one that taken last year of my wife and me and they have been using it for over a year. Didn't pay me a darn thing in royalties either. (grins)

On any night other than the two formal nights, dinner dress is "smart casual" which for guys is basically no bare legs or armpits and no jeans. I usually wore a pair of dress slacks and either an open collar long-sleeve dress shirt, short sleeve print shirt, or a knit polo shirt.

As Donna mentioned, no additional paper work other that the Bahamas Immigration form is required. Your cruise card is your passport for exit and entrance for the entire cruise. I've noticed that a lot of the kids have a hole punched in their cruise cards and wear them on necklace so as not to lose them.

As I mentioned in my tips, I keep a wad of one dollar bills in the safe. This makes it convenient to tip the room service attendants. Yes, they are the only ones that you will have to personally tip. The other tips are covered by the automatic tipping charge.

Actually, we did both breakfasts. We had juice, coffee and Danish delivered to the room as a wakeup call. Then, I went out to run three miles on the jogging track. After my shower, we went to the dining room for the real breakfast. My wife and I prefer the dining room breakfast over the Horizon Court. I can go stand in a buffet line anytime, but I just like the linens and table service. The young lady who served the Danish pastries every morning became my best friend. (grins)

I hope this was of some help.

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