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Default Re: What's with Princess charging double port charges to sin

No, I'm aware of the government taxes and fees and will only be charged for one person for that item.

My T/A spoke to many people at Princess on up to Supervisor and in all cases they said the charge would be for TWO port charges even though I'm traveling alone. This T/A was waiting for the Regional (Branch) Manager of Princess to show up at their shop (which should have been last week) and would be taking it up with her. However, I've heard nothing from my T/A.

Spoke to another T/A who was given the same info from Princess (as I mentioned above she felt it was illegal - as do I).

The port charges for my 10 day trip are $199 per person so Princess is saying I have to pay $398 even though I'm traveling alone. I am paying 200% for the balcony cabin.
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