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Default Princess Voucher Scam

Were any of you ever able to use any of those vouchers Princess issued as a result of some class action suit concerning port charges? I've taken 2 cruises with them since and neither of them could use the voucher. Why? Because of the sneaky wording where only the lawyers made money. The vouchers are only applicable on Love Boat Savers fare. Sounds good right? However, anyone that has traveled with Princess gets a previous traveler fare that is better than those Love Boat saver fares. So these vouchers logically only went to previous travelers and previous travelers would only book the less expensive fares instead of the Love Boat Saver fares. The result - the vouchers are like sleeves in a vest - useless.

In one case I found that I could be rebooked at the Love Boat Saver fare and apply the vouchers but my savings would only amount to a measly $20. Even so, with the vouchers expiring, I sent them in as my TA advised only to have this meager amount rejected by Princess.

I don't know about others but this doesn't leave me with the warmest feelings toward Princess and will encourage me to branch out to other lines to see how they treat their returning customers.
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