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Default Re: Re: POLL- Personal Choice or Traditional

It is interesting that it appears that most people on the boards prefer PC dining. We are booked on The Golden for September 8th and I have been researching Princess alot as this is our first cruise with them. When I booked I asked for traditional dining early seating. AND>>>>>>>>>>>>this is hard to believe we are waitlisted with 350 other people! I was really surprised by that. We cruised the NCL Sun in April with Freestyle. It was good in some ways, but for us I think the minuses won over the pluses. We were on a R&R trip and not ready to be up late. With no schedule we always ended up getting out of dinner too late for the early show and way too early for the late show. Anyway we never saw an entire show! The other big minus for us was we were traveling alone so we missed dining with others. The first night they sat us with other people who we mixed with later, but after that it was a table for two. We enjoy each other, but help me get out of this one please! From what I read Princess does seat you with others though. It looks as though we will be trying PC in September. I got a little long didn't I?
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