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Jim & Karon
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Default Re: POLL- Personal Choice or Traditional

Hi Kuki:
We sailed with you on the Millenium. This is our experience with Traditional & PC. Sailed on the Star Princess in May this year. We opted for early traditional as we usually do. First night only 3 people plus us showed up for an 8 person table. Second night two other couples plus the original 5 showed up. The head waiter made all nine of us sit at the 8 person table even though the single lady (who was a large woman) requested another table rather than being forced to squeeze 9 people into a 8 person table. So, because of the crowding, for the rest of the cruise we opted for PC. We found eating at no set time great. We met nice people and enjoyed their company but kind of missed the connection of seeing the same people every night to compare notes from the days's activities. In PC we never waited for a table, but we like to eat early. We heard that late dinners had a short wait. On one of our PC nights we were seated with a honeymoon couple who preferred not to enter into conversation and at that same table was a foreign couple who could not speak much English. That night was a bummer.
In conclusion, we had good times and bad times at both choices of dinning. I must say, though, that I appreciate having the personal choice as a back up in case the traditional doesn't work out for us as happened on this cruise. I feel that both choices have their good points and their bad ones. You must give both a try and decide which works out best for you.

The Thompsons
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