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Default Re: Re: POLL- Personal Choice or Traditional

Shar wrote:

> Traditional for us - we go to meet new people, but really
> enjoy spending the evening meal getting to know our new
> friends. We get enough variety during the breakfast and lunch
> meals to meet others. By the way, we always request a table for
> 8.
That is exactly how we feel. Not only do we get to know our new friends but we have the same wait staff for the cruise - and they know our likes and dislikes. We get enough variety at the open seating for breakfast and lunch.

We also saw crowds waiting 30 minutes or more for personal choice dining because too many want to eat at the same time. Many people were not happy that they were on a waiting list for traditional seating that never happened. Yes, one can make a reservation but then do they have a modified version of personal choice or a modified version of traditional dining?
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