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Dave P
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Default Re: POLL- Personal Choice or Traditional

Hello...We have been on 9 cruises so far. 2 of our cruises have been on Princess and we're going on another Princess cruise to Hawaii this October. We love Princess the best.

As far as traditional or Personal choice dining, we prefer Personal choice. My wife and I are both 47-years of age and can either party or relax with the best of them, but after trying both dinner options, the freedom of Personal Choice is our preference. We like to dine at whatever time we choose, we love their upstairs buffet, which by the way, has almost the same items that the sit-down dining room has. And we like the freedom of dining in some of their specialty restaurants.

We realize that everyone has a different preference and opinion of everything and I respect that. I don't think their is anything wrong or bad with either dining option. I think it is whatever each couple is comfortable with.

Dave P.
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