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Norm wrote:

> BTW, Princess's dining staff will do just about anything that
> a passenger requests, so long as they have the ingredients
> available. If you ask that something be prepared or serverd a
> certain way or for some variation on a menu item, they usually
> will find a way to deliver whatever you request. Princess also
> is very willing to accommodate requests for off-menu items, so
> long as you ask soon enough so they can break out the
> ingredients and do the necessary preparation. This may mean
> that you need to make the request on the previous evening.

What I didn't like to have to do, that Princess required special ordering of, was Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Other cruise lines have that on their menu. Since it is not a regular item, they don't do them correctly either. Also, I always found Princess' room service options to be very limited. If one wanted a continental breakfast, they could do that but not full breakfasts. Some cruise lines allow one to order almost anything the kitchen is cooking as long as it is during those dining times. I'd rather have that option than that Personal Choice they are trying to migrate people to. That would be a real personal choice IMO. (G)
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