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Default : Re: Diamond Alaska Questions

Thanks for the info Norm. We'll probably book this week if the reservations are open. Our TA was on a fam but the assistant said Princess didn't quite have their schedule together yet (two weeks ago).

Our family is celebrating 100 years of marriage and are taking this cruise together. In 2003 my parents will be married 50 years and my sister and I will both be married 25 years. With all the schedules to work around, we could only find a window open from June 23 to July 6 to complete the cruise. If that's the worst of our problems, we have nothing to complain about!

Your idea for the Pacific Northwest cruise is a great one. We'd sign up right away. Another one from SF would be SF-Monterrey-Morro Bay -Santa Barbera-Catalina Island-LA or back to SF. The possiblities for shore excursions would be fabulous. Of course they'd have to repeal the Hayes Act (what good does it do these days anyway?) I guess the ship could make a run to Ensenada or Rosarita Beach unless Catalina decided to declare it's independance.

SF is still dithering over upgrading the cruise ship terminals there. You'd think doing it would be obvious to them.
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