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Norm is right and that is probably not a good argument against traditional dining. Even those ships which don't offer a version of anytime dining usually have one or more alternative dining venues and thus there is no guarantee that all of the guests assigned to your table will be with you every evening. At least Princess provides a choice. When we sailed on Dawn Princess transiting the Canal in April, there were fifteen in our group and we had a table for eight and one for seven in the traditional dining room. We had considered requesting personal choice, but then realized how much of a hassle it would be to get everyone to agree on a dining time each evening (and we did want to dine together). On this particular cruise, our wait staff was adequate but really didn't show the attention to our personal dining idiosyncracies that we have usually found in a traditional dining session. (The assistant waiter could never seem to remember that my wife wanted milk in her tea and I only drank decaffeinated coffee). If it was just my wife and I, we might consider trying personal choice, but we really don't find the two seatings of traditional dining to be overly restrictive and we have had very good experiences (mostly on RCI) with our tablemates. I do, however, enjoy the sort of group dining experience (everyone pretty much at the same point in their meal at the same time) rather than the land-based restaurant experience with its constant coming and going of diners. Now that breakfast and lunch are mostly open seating, we find more than enough opportunities to meet others at those times and have frequently done so. We have also met a number of people on these boards, and even though we didn't sit at their table, we somehow managed to enjoy their company at other times and in other spots onboard.
I didn't do a careful analysis of the responses to Kuki's question, but my overall impression was that while there isn't any consensus, personal choice is certainly not the overwhelming choice of the posters on this board. What I would like to know is, if the responses to this post are any criteria, why are there such long waitlists for traditional dining?
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