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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: POLL- Personal Choice or Traditional

BillG wrote:

> I didn't do a careful analysis of the responses to Kuki's
> question, but my overall impression was that while there isn't
> any consensus, personal choice is certainly not the
> overwhelming choice of the posters on this board. What I
> would like to know is, if the responses to this post are any
> criteria, why are there such long waitlists for traditional
> dining?

We have an entire group going on the Coral Princess Panama Canal cruise next April and we are all wait listed for traditional dining. The TA says our chances are good since we have numbers in the 50's because the numbers usually run into the 200's. That being the case, isn't there some message being sent that Princess is refusing to listen to? If this wasn't a group arrangement, I normally will not book a cruise unless I am guaranteed first seating.

If you wanted to see some irate people, last year on the Dawn Princess there were a large number who said they had guaranteed first seating but were denied it when they finally boarded the ship. That kind of treatment doesn't engender customer loyalty.
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