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Default Re: Sun Class suites & mini-suites

We had a mini-suite on the Sea Princess earlier this month and LOVED IT! B332 was mid-forward on the port side. There is pleny of room for 2 adults. The whirlpool tub is worth the price of admission! There is a privacy curtain between the bedroom and the sitting room and you can access the bath from both sides. There are two doors to the double length balcony, one on either side. The sofa bed is made in Italy (we pulled it out to see how comfortable it was)....instead of metal bars under the mattress, there are wide wooden slats, which makes it a little more comfortable. I say GO FOR IT!!! One hint: bring a power strip as there is only one outlet on each side, so if you want to charge batteries, extra hair dryer, CD player, etc.... We brought two small ones and it worked out great. Have a great cruise! You will LOVE the Sea Princess. Say "hi" to Thamanoon at the Riviera Bar for me!!

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