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Both the Grand and Golden are sister ships and virtually the same. HUGE With in access of 2500 people at just double occupancy, plus staff, they are big ships. There are many dead ends too which get frustrating when you are hurrying to get to dinner or a show. No matter whether you choose Traditional or PC/Anytime dining, you can go to the alternative dining rooms; buffet, Southwestern (fee) or Italian (fee). What no one has mentioned relative to Personal Choice dining is how it affects entertainment and the overall atmosphere of the traditional cruise critieria. IMO, we were shut out of two very popular shows that were not going to be repeated. With PC, there really is no such thing as First and second seating shows. Late shows were packed and as we did get into a 3rd. cabaret, it was dangerously over crowded. I love the entertainment on ships and it was very good on Princess, but not having the opportunity to see 3 well rated performances was very disappointing. Also, more people dressed very casually with the attitude, it was their choice. Even with only 2 formal nights and the rest Smart Casual it was not unusual to see lots of folks in tanks and beach shorts in the evening.
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