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Default Re: Re: Auto Tipping--How Much???

Kwaj girl,

One question, though....On Renaissance there was also the auto-tipping which passengers were free to adjust up or down as they wished. HOWEVER...any tips given directly to the crew members had to be turned in to the "tip pool" to make up for passengers who "undertipped". Only if the total tip amount taken in for the cruise met the predetermined "goal" based on "# of passengers x standard tip" did the individuals get to keep the tips given directly to them! Does anyone know if this is what happens on Princess? If so, it would seem to make no sense to delete the auto-tip only to have your poor steward or waiter have to turn it in!

There is a pooling of tips on Princess because some of the waitstaff work on the Horizon Court, etc., where they don't collect tips, during the dinner hour. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but the waitstaff do seem to be pretty happy.

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