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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Auto Tipping--How Much???


The service was very good but sometimes it is bit 'over the top' we don't need to be treated like Royalty.

This is a rather unusual complaint, but perhaps you would be happier on a less "upscale" cruise line where the fares probably would be somewhat lower?

Princess Cruises competes with Celebrity Cruises and Holland America Lines in the "premium" segment of the market, where the standard of service, etc., is much higher than on "mainstream" lines like Carnival, Costa Crociere, Royal Caribbean International, or Norwegian Cruise Line. There's also a "luxury" tier where the standard of service is even higher -- but with much higher fares also!

On the whole, I find that Princess offers a good balance between service and cost for my tastes and I probably would be just as happy on a Celebrity cruise. Nonetheless, this segment of the market is right for everybody.

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