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Default YOULD SHOULD BE ASHAMED... do such a thing, and then have the nerve to admit it here!!! Contrary to what everyone thinks, the guys and gals that work so hard on cruise ships aren't "raking in cash" and getting rich from their jobs. Many come from very poor backgrounds, and are supporting entire families with the $$$ that we passengers leave them while travelling aboard. In other words, they rely strongly on our tips for their livelihood. Moreover, you also should take into consideration that most crew members don't work 52 weeks a year.

My words to you are as follows:

If you believe that you have a point that the cruise lines should not request tips as they do, then complain and hope something changes, in terms of charing more for your trip, so you won't be requested to leave tips. In the meantime, you should consider that you book your cruise FULLY AWARE of the system in place, BEFOREHAND. No one tricked you into paying "thousands" for your ticket, and then surprised you with a $70 per week tip schedule. So, if you don't want to tip, DON'T TAKE A CRUISE.

Furthermore, I still dare you to compare your cruise that cost you thousands to a comparable land vacation with airfare, comparable luxury hotel with amenitites, and the cost of dining out in a 5-star restaurant every day.

Personally, I usually double the recommended tip schedule, as a general rule.


San Juan
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