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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Auto Tipping--How Much???

cruznliz wrote:

> I think "stiffing" by removing or lowering the automatic tips
> is DISGRACEFUL. If you paid thousands for your cruise, you can
> afford $10 a day extra for all they do. Just because there's
> one bad apple doesn't mean they should all suffer.

Were you replying to me? My comment was that I was disturbed that what I was tipping over and above the automatic charge would not go to those who performed the excellent service. In that case, I felt there was no reason to tip above and beyond what was charged to the room.
> As someone mentioned, you may want to give that special
> steward or waiter a phone card or some other tangible gift of
> appreciation that they can keep and use themselves. You could
> bring along some of the Costco phone cards, as they are good
> for all over the world.

That's a good suggestion if they don't use email as some ships now allow.

> Probably the BEST non tangible gift
> would be to fill out one of those "above and beyond" cards that
> they have everywhere at the end of the cruise. Be sure to get
> the crew members full name and department. It will go in their
> permanent record that they have gone above and beyond the call
> of duty.

I always do that. I understand that if goes further than just in their records. I've heard that it is used in determining who gets time off when in port vs. who stays on board and works.
> Also remember, the $10 only covers the waiters, assistant
> waiters and room stewards. If you get exceptional service from
> other crew members, tip envelopes are certainly appropriate
> there. For instance, as a parent and former teacher I know the
> Youth Staff in the Fun Zone do a wonderful job of keeping the
> kids happy and OUT OF SIGHT, all at no extra charge. I bet
> those girls could use the tips!

I disagree with that. If you add the suggested rates of $3.50 for the room steward, $3.50 for the waiter and $2.00 for the assistant waiter, that is $9.00. The other dollar/day/person goes to the head waiter and Maitre'd.

BTW, I've also wondered about those people in the fun zone. When I inquired about this on other boards I was told that they are considered like crew or the activity staff and not tipped. I didn't think that was right either. If one feels they deserve it, they should give them something.
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