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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Auto Tipping--How Much???

I don't like that extra dollar going to the Maitre'd or head waiter. They are in management positions and should be compensated by the cruise line. I have never had occasion to tip the Maitre'd. To me he performs no other job than to be "eye candy". Don't get me wrong, I like eye candy, but I'm NOT going to tip someone nor does he deserve to be tipped for keeping the room running smoothly. I can't imagine what service they could perform for me. (At least not in the dining room..) I would actually love to experience a cruise and be greeted EVERY EVENING not just the first and last by the Maitre d. Please don't anyone take offense at this BUT they remind me of that "Hollywood" typecast sleazy used car salesman.

I guess I'll figure something out before Sunday.

BTW...... I know people who have used the kids program several times and were given envelopes for that part of the crew. Naturally the ship knows who has kids on board and would not give them to those not having kids.
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