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Default Cruise check in horror story

When I cruised to Alaska with Princess in May 2000 on the Sea Princess, the ship was delayed getting into port and they had the brilliant idea to check in the passengers at the airport hotel instead of the unheated pier. Well, my particular airplane was almost completely booked with passengers going on the same cruise. We get to the Vancouver airport (a beautiful airport by the way) and were informed what was going on. Well, the hotel was on the other end of the airport which was quite large and the signs Princess had directing you there were barey adequate. We get to the hotel area and have to wait in line at the bottom of the escalator for almost an hour. We then get to go upstairs in wait in another line for approximately another hour! This was bad enough in itself, but come to find out that they had only two Princess employees there to handle checking in what I believe was several hundred cruisers. Well, they finally get two more employees to check passengers in and guess what they did? They directed the people In the back of the line who had just arrived there to the new employees and they were checked in and on their way in less than a half hour. While we who had already waited for an hour & half got to wait in line another half hour! Talk about putting a damper on the start of your expensive vacation!
I tried writing to Princess several times to get some sort of reimbursement to no avail. The staff on board the cruise ship, Sea Princess, could not have been more delightful, but the ground staff were very poor, and I found this throughout the land portion of my tour. They weren't rude, but very inadequately trained for their jobs!
Any other stories out there?
Bottom line, I don't think Princess will be my first choice next time I cruise.
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