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Default Re: Disembarkation time?

Linda wrote:

> When we went on our first cruise last year, Carnival had a
> rule that no one could disembark until EVERYONE was out of
> their rooms at 8:00. Does Princess have a similar policy? I
> have read that if we take the train from Seward to Anchorage,
> we will disembark at 6:00 or 6:15. Does everyone have to be
> out of their rooms by a certain time? If so, how late can you
> stay in your room?

I've found that it varies. They surely can't disembark everyone at once. We took the train last year from Seward to Anchorage and there was no problem getting off the ship. In fact, your the first group allowed off. And the train is waiting right there for you. It is a beautiful ride and more comfortable than a bus since you can get up and walk around, go to the dome car, get food and refreshments at your leisure. You made a good choice.

The only time disembarkation is delayed for the entire ship is when everyone has not cleared customs in areas where this is a requirement. With the exception of having to leave early, like for the train, normally one can have breakfast and then go to whatever staging area has been set up for those disembarking. Disembarkation then takes place in groups, with those having earlier flights getting off first. They usually try to keep the people not in the group being called, out of the disembarkation area or else it gets clogged up and innefficient.
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