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Default Re: Cruise check in horror story

I just got off Regal Princess on Monday and was very impressed with the debarkation at San Francisco. We had to wait for a friend to pick us up and ended up "people watching" because we got off of the ship one-hour before the estimated debarkation. The only complaint I'd have was that the gangplank was verrry steep. I had to hold onto the hand rails for dear life to keep from sliding down. I know this wasn't Princess's fault, to the best of my knowledge, they can't control the tide yet. There were Princess reps every step of the way, once off that ramp. They asked each person for their baggage color and pointed them in the correct direction. You couldn't walk more than 20 feet before someone was asking for your baggage color. After Frank's experience, it's too bad it too until the last cruise before they got organized. There were plenty of porters and also very good traffic control at the curb.

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