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Default Re: Pacific Princess---My farewell voyage redux


I just read, with great interest, your post about your recent trip to Bermuda aboard the Pacific Princess.

As I have posted here recently, we are taking the trans-Atlantic 16-day final voyage, departing NYC on 10/26. My partner and I have been anticipating a decent vacation for years, and have also have had passage booked on this trip now for about eight months. Before making the decision to sail aboard the Pacific Princess we did our homework quite carefully, and our final decision was not taken lightly, as our entire vacation, including 5 more nights in Rome, airfare, and incidental expenses, is costing in excess of $11,000.00 for the 23 day trip.

I cannot help but be a bit concerned after reading your post. Granted I donít expect a grand class Princess ship, I also wasn't prepared for continuous, seemingly endless malfunctions of every imaginable type, as you describe. I doubt that A/C will be an issue, since the weather during our trip will include temperatures between the mid 40ís and about 65 degrees. At the same time, however, I also imagine that spending one week putting up with some of the inconveniences that you describe would be one thing, but more than two could get a bit excessive. It seems as if itís possible that the allure to factors of charm and grace could wear thin at a point, and the negative things you describe take over as the impression in oneís mind.

I took particular note of your comment in regard to the crew that ďmany are concerned about the rather long 16 day TransatlanticÖĒ If you donít mind, Iím curious to know exactly what they are concerned about, and why? I found this comment strange, considering everything that I have previously read about the crew.

The additional comments about stripping down the ship in Barcelona, however, are of greatest concern to me at this point. As I read your words, I started to imagine ourselves waking up on day 13 of what is supposed to be a dream vacation, to find countless crew members carrying away anything that isnít welded to the ship, and having to spend 3 more days (nearly half of a week-long trip) feeling as if Princess really wishes we werenít there, but is forced to put up with us just a bit longer. This is the kind of behavior that would cause me to seek financial remuneration, at the very least. I feel that we are paying for a 16 day trip, with the same ship for 16 daysócome bad or goodóand that the ship should remain in tact until we disembark in Civitavecchia (Rome). If you donít mind, Iím curious to know who told you this information, and a bit more about what they said.

One other final issue that is of personal concern that I wanted to ask you about is the noise from the ships engines that you describe. Unfortunately, I am not as fond of this sound and sensation as you apparently are. We are currently booked in Aloha 418. At this time, A259 and A387 are both available. Iím wondering if the engine noise wonít be an issue on the entire Aloha deck, or rather, if we might be better to switch to one of the other available cabins? Additionally, Iím wondering if the motion factor may be less in one of these other cabins, as well? Your thoughts and insight would be much appreciated. In case youíre wondering, the reason that I did not request the switch when the others came available is because I tend to prefer a cabin that is out of the way, and also wanted to be on that side of the ship, since most land masses will be viewed from that side. Your thoughts in this regard would be appreciated.

On the flip side, you have re-iterated what I have heard, and had hoped was true regarding the crew, their great personalities and the wonderful service that they provide. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of a cruise, and can makeóor breakóthe experience, no matter how glitzy and glamorous a ship may be.

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed summary of your trip and experience aboard the Pacific Princess. In any event, I intend on contacting my TA in regard to my concerns about the Barcelona de-storing issue, and possibly the executives at Princess, as well. My brochures and tickets donít say anything about arriving in Rome on the remains of the Pacific Princess, and should this be the case, the execs at P&O may regret their decision in the end.

Thanks & Regards,


PS Following the composition of the above--prior to posting--I decided to call Princess myself about the de-storing issue. I spoke with an agent and calmly expressed my concern that the ship I boarded be the exact same one that I disembarked. She left the phone for about five minutes, and returned vehemently denying that any such thing is planned, nor would ever take place, and assured me that the ship would remain in tact until every passenger disembarked in Civitavecchia (Rome). Again, I'm curious to know who told you this information, since what I was told is so contradictory. Thanks.
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