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Default Re: Last day in Tahiti-Tahitian Princess


Princess's practices vary from place to place when passengers have late flights.

>> In some ports (Acapulco, for example), passengers remain aboard ship until later in the day, then transfer to the airport 3-4 hours before the scheduled times of their flights (which usually also means that one has to hang out at the airport for a while).

>> In some cities (Anchorage and Honolulu, for example), Princess arranges a hospitality suite at a downtown location where passengers can check their luggage and belongings while exploring the nearby area. It's sometimes possible to purchase local tours at the hospitality center, too.

>> In some cities (Fort Lauderdale and San Juan, for example), Princess offers tours of varying duration to local attractions that leave from the ship and that end at the airport. The descriptions of the tours usually appear in the "Adventures Ashore" booklet, and you can purchase the tours through the shore excursion desk aboard ship. Princess usually does not take advance reservations for these tours. In such ports, one of the "local tour" options frequently is simply lunch and use of the guest facilities (pool, tennis courts, gym, beach, etc.) at a local resort hotel.

It's possible that passengers who recently arrived in Papeete aboard MV Dawn Princess can say what happened on their cruise, but it's also quite likely that this situation is still in a state of transition due to the extremely recent addition of MV Tahitian Princess to the Princess Cruises fleet.

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