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Default Room Service Gratuity and Dining staff

I thought I totally understood the gratuity policy on Princess until I read the Cruise Answer Book tonight. From what I understand the gratuity for room service is included in the automatic tipping policy.
I guess if you aren't going to the dining room to have several of your meals ie - breakfast everyday on your balcony - maybe a dinner or a couple of lunches enjoyed in the privacy of your room/balcony -
1. Do you deduct this tip from the automatic charge on your account?
2. Do you not tip the person who delliver's your meal's?
3. Do you do both - leave the charge to your account the same and tip the room service staff?

I don't want to stiff anyone - however, this is different than we have experienced in the past. I like the automatic tipping - just not sure how it is divided up after reading the Cruise Answer Book. It appear's that if we give extra tips to people that they are REQUIRED to put it in the pool???
We noramlly like to give the room steward a twenty dollar tip at the beginning of the cruise to "take care" of us. In addition to the tip at the end of the sailing. Is he/she not going to get to keep this?

What are your thoughts and/or experiences with Princess.
Thanking you all in advance for your help.

One other thing that I read is that many people take the room steward or special staff little gifts - like homemade brownies were said to be a favorite, or AT & T calling cards for them to call home. I wonder if people are giving these gifts in lieu of the extra tip as there is no way that they can be required to "pool" this type of tip???? Any thoughts
would be appreciated.
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