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We had cabin D115, a minisuite very well forward, Dolphin Deck. The balcony was open to above (people leaning over the rail on their Caribe deck balconies could see us -- not that we were interesting enough to cause someone to lean over their rail for a better look!). This was not a problem for us. The was no "roof" to prevent sun. But, of course, on average, each side of the ship is shaded by the ship itself for almost half of the day. We have, on a previous cruise, had a balcony on Caribe Deck, which is half covered, half open (a double sized balcony). While I enjoyed having the extra shade on Caribe, I had no privacy problems on Dolphin.
I can remember walking in front of several balconies (now, that WOULD be more of a privacy issue) on the Emerald Deck -- I think these were in the forward part of the ship. The "promenade" walking deck, while for the most part actually on the Promenade deck, goes up stairs to the Emerald Deck in the forward end of the ship. You will want to check your deck plan on this, as I do not know if these cabins were regular balcony cabins or minisuites on Emerald.
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