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Default Re: Re: Regal Princess: Aus/NZ review (just got off)

Norm wrote:

> Actually, it's even worse than that. MV Regal Princess
is the last of the vessels ordered by Sitmar Cruises. She
> was under construction when Princess Cruises acquired Sitmar
> Cruises in 1988 Princess Cruises made a few (largely
> superficial) changes to the design to provide facilities that
> Princess's passengers would expect, but a major redesign
> obviously was not an option at that phase of the shipbuilding
> process.

Thanks for the update. I knew there was some reason I wasn't that thrilled with the Regal. In fact, since it was the only vessal sailing the Australian waters, I've put off going there until something better is afloat. I'm now looking at a 2004 cruise as that is when the Star Princess will be doing this route.
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