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Default Re: Re: Re: Regal Princess: Aus/NZ review (just got off)

Hello Harvey,
My wife Marlene and I will be going on the same cruise as you and Barbara. We leave LA on Air New Zealand on 2/9/03. We get into Auckland three days before embarkation and will be staying at the Hilton right on the harbor. We will be in New Zealand/Australia a total of 21 days. When we get to Sydney we are off to the GBR for a three day tour. Then its back to Sydney for another four days.
This will be only our second cruise. The first was over 30 years ago when we were virtual newlyweds. At that time we took a Caribbean cruise on the Queen E 2. We had a wonderful time - one of our best vacations ever! Yet for some crazy reason we have never gone again.
I've only been to New Zealand once before, on business and spent two days in Auckland. I've never been to Australia. Marlene has never been to either country.
We are both very excited and cannot wait. I hope to meet you onboard, if not before.
Murray Brown
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