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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: We're Booked!! Finally- Thank you All!

OMG!! I did some poking around and found out what it is!! We do have E729!!! I am so excited I can hardly wait!

If I understand what I read on another message board - our balcony wraps around all the way aft? WOW!! How great is that!!

I also read somewhere else that this was a *favorite* room of many who are fans of the Golden/Grand ships!

I hope the seas are calm - can you feel more motion back there? I don't care- Bonine and Sea-Bands seem to work fine for me, and it's only the first night getting acclimated that I've even had a hint of the ickies. Sitting on the balcony in the fresh air looking at the horizon took care of it.

I can't understand why the balcony dividers wouldn't be able to all be opened... isn't that how they clean them? They open them all up for easy hosing off?

Well... even if 2 of the 3 get opened up -we are all next to each other and will still benefit from the extra balcony space.

Are these balconies totally open above or partially covered like on the Aloha or Caribe deck? (not sure which one was...)

I am now trying to do my on-line check in through the Princess web-site but I don't have a passport.... I use my birth certificate and DL.... it won't let me continue without a passport number. There has to be a way around this? Maybe I need to call them.

I want to look at the available excursions... I know that we are so close to sail date that the ones we want are most likely going to be sold out- but I at least want the option of finding out if there is still space to be had.

It's just a matter of doing my on-line check in.. and waiting for my docs to arrive.

Somehow- for what ever reason, as soon as I have those docs in my hand it makes it all *real*!!

Do the balcony doors stay opened on their own? Are there things I should pack (like I did on Carnival) such as bungee cords, power strip, extra hangers...duct tape? ( why the duct tape is always on the list beats me- who knows !)

Thanks so much everyone for all your help!
You guys are the best! April 6th is just not that far off!!

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