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Default Re: Re: Do you think my flight arrives too late?

Norm... I think your advice on the flight is a bit optimistic and off the mark.

How do you come to say that most delays are under an hour? That is a very tight connection... I bring an awful lot of people into Fort Lauderdale (where I live) and, while these people will probably be ok... it can take 30 minutes or so just for them to get their luggage. It averages now, on Saturday or Sunday, about 10 to 15 minutes to pass through the security check at the Port entrance (when they elevate to "orange" it can grow to nearly half an hour)... and if the flight is an hour late or so, they have a problem. Kuki is quite right... they should plan to come in the day before, or certainly earlier in the sailing day, if they must.

With respect to Ship/Boat issue... I always think about the Supreme Court justice who, when talking about pornography, is reputed to have said... "... It is hard to define, but I know it when I see it!" I feel the same way about a vessel... I know a ship when I see one. ()

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