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Default Re: Re: Re: Do you think my flight arrives too late?


How do you come to say that most delays are under an hour?

I was speaking of flight delays -- the majority of which actually are under 15 minutes.

It averages now, on Saturday or Sunday, about 10 to 15 minutes to pass through the security check at the Port entrance (when they elevate to "orange" it can grow to nearly half an hour)...

That's a dramatic change. Do the Princess transfers also have such a burden, or do they go straight through?

My original thinking was quite simple -- if the plane is on time, you allow 1/2 hour to go to the baggage claim and get their luggage and 15 minutes (which is very generous at Fort Lauderdale) for the transfer to the pier -- which would put them to the terminal at 3:00. Even if they encounter an hour in delays and thus get tot he terminal at 4:00, they will still be in the terminal an hour before their scheduled sailing time of 5:00.

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