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We were also on the Coral Princess for the inagural voyage and did not experience any problems at all. The stabilizers did have problems for the first 3 days, but this was not as bad as some have previous stated. FYI - The Coral went thru a very nasty storm on its way to Fla in January. Force 11 gale for days and peaked at force 12 for 30 mins so they say. Anyone who has been thru a force 11 storm will know what it is like. The ship, according to many officers and staff handled it really well. To turn the ship around, repair the countless of broken TV's that were destroyed and stand there with smiling faces waiting for 1900 or so, extremely critical passengers is a true credit to Princess. They also had Coral tested during sea trials to a heal of 38deg - this would be amazing to watch, so I think to say that the ship was not stable is as Norm has said, not right. Princess were up against the wall with the previous cancellations so my hats off to them to get me away on time.

Stabilizers - the ship had a very very slow roll for the first 3 days but these ships are more like floating boxes with rich cats racked and stacked as you are probably aware. To actually feel any motion on these things is a bonus. Once the stabilizers kicked in, nothing, not a ripple, not a rock to sleep, nothing. I may as well have been in the Bellagio in Vegas. This is part of big ship cruising I know so Coral will be a beautiful addition.

The Cabin noise - research has stated that Baja cabins in the high 5's were experiencing noise problems. I had a contact in the Pursers Office and he said that a few psgrs were having problems, but they new about it, so I would think that they would have this problem rectified by now. We were a party of 6 on Caribe deck in Balcony suites and junior suites. The Cabins are lovely, plenty of room for storage, and the only issue is the shower, it is small, do not drop the soap, unless you are one of the lucky ones with a full size bath - hot property.

I am an ex travel industry professional - ex being the operative word, but I still have this tendancy to creep around places like I am still the critic that I once was. If you need any specific info re Coral I would be happy to help.

You are in for a trip, the Coral Princess is a great ship and you will have a great time. I am very jealous as I would love to do Alaska. I found the staff pleasant and attentive, the food was wonderful. Not being an American I do not get the connection between French food and bad beef. Yellow eggs, I ate eggs everyday and they were all pretty perfect to me and I also had my fair share of beef and have no issues. Perhaps he is from Texas. All in all it was a real treat to be on the inagural voyage. Princess lived up to expectations again. I love Princess. We are off to Europe for some river cruising for a while, then some small ship cruising around the So Pac.

Hope this helps some and have a great trip to Alaska.

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