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Default Re: Carnival Holiday???

I've been on her sister ships (exact same layout and built within a year or so of each other) the Celebration three times and the Jubilee once. They are smaller ships in that they carry about 1400 people which we like since you see the same people over and over more than on the 2000 people ships. They are easier to get around too since they are smaller. We'd go on them again. New Orleans is a great city and I'd recommend spending the night if you aren't already before the cruise. Word of warning, these ships do not have the big open Centrum area in the middle like the newer ships do. They do have a center area but it is one story tall with the pursers and shore excursion desks. This didn't bother us at all but I don't want you to be disappointed. It is a great ship and I hope you have a wonderful time. By the way the very back outside cabins on the Upper deck vibrate a lot but they are twice the size of a normal Carnival cabin and have huge widnows over looking the wheel wash. We love these cabins! Debbie
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