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Default Re: Anyone here for the Star 4/5?

We're schlepping nice wines as well. We're bringing several bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir. We went tasting in the Willamette Valley a few weekends ago and bought some very nice '00s and one '01 that had just been bottled.

F.Y.I. In P.V. there is a store called Mega that has an excellent selection of wines. Monte Xanic is great vineyard with some of the very best Mexican wines. They actually export many of their wines to Paris. They get their oak casks from the Rothchilds in France. Mega also carries French, Spanish, U.S., and South American wines as well. Groceria Riso (GR) in downtown P.V. also has a fair wine selection.

Wine gets heavy, so it's nice to know you can buy some along the way, as necessary.

David and I will be in cabin D-732 if any cruisemates wish to get together for drinks, wine, etc.
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