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Default Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

I just got off of the ship that sailed 03/30. I had trouble going on vacation while we were at war but was assured by many of my military friends and family that the reason they were out there was so we could have such luxeries. While on the ship we went to a show "Shake Rattle and Roll, this showcased several different artists. Each artist had a still shot on a tv screen while the singers sang the song and danced. After showcasing the Beatles they decided to do the John Lennon song "Imagine" while they showed clips of bombs going off, people kicking army tanks, sick children and anti-war protestors. I immediately walked out after that show. Since I live in Washington D.C. I see all of the anti-war demonstrations on a daily basis and was offended that Princess would be biased and actually show that to all of their passengers. I went to the pursers desk and filed a complaint saying that I felt the video clips were unappropriate. You should have seen the response I received it was unreal!!! Several different staff responded with "Its just a show, no big deal", "Well we only went to war what a week ago", there were several others but my favorite was the comment from the RELATIONS MANAGER "Well you should know since you live in D.C. that we have our right to our own freedom of speech". I felt like I was under attack for filing a complaint when all I was asking for was for them to look into my complaint. I never once had any ridiculous requests such as don't do the show etc. After that I returned everything I purchased on the boat including 4 paintings and did not spend another dime on the boat. Suffice it to say I will never sail with Princess again! I felt it was disgusting for them to dance around in an anti-war demonstration on a little stage while our American and British friends and family our out their sacrificing their precious time with their families so we can vacation on a boat to the Carribean. My vacation was ruined along with that of my friends and a couple of others on the boat who felt the same way. One poor lady had a son on the front line! Princess just lost a loyal customer for they were the only cruise ship we would sailed on.
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