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Default Re: Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

If I were you, I'd write a letter to the head of customer relations, with a copy to the head of past passenger programs, and another copy to the Entertainment Director at Princess. Tell them how you feel. I'm sure there are lots of others who felt the same way, but didn't say anything. And send duplicates to the head of customer relations and past passenger programs at Carnival; Carnival will complete its purchase of Princess this week.

Let the top guns at Princess mull it over for a while, and let Carnival know where you stand. They are in such dire need of passengers that they don't want to do anything that keeps people from taking another cruise. They're walking on thin ice these days and want tons more happy passengers, not ones who look for resorts for future vacations.

For a much wider audience for your complaint, post it on www.cruisecritic
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