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Default Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

"It was when they spoke to me and dealt with me in the manner they did that was the most upsetting and made several of us not want to return to Princess."

If that is what truly upset you, why did you give this thread the inflammatory label "Princess - Anti War Show!"? You claim your beef is with their response to your complaint, and not so much with the show. Then why not label the thread something like "Princess's lack of response to my complaint?" I think you just want to vent, and this forum is a great place for that. I truly hope you get the results you are looking for, and enjoy your future cruises on Carnival, HAL, Celebrity or whatever other line ends up getting the pleasure of your business.

You never responded to why you and your party didn't disembark the ship (it's a ship, not a boat) at the next Port of Call if you were so vehemently upset with Princess. Could it be because it would have been too expensive and too inconvenient to do so, and making a stand wasn't quite worth that level of expense and inconvenience?

Personally, I'll continue to sail with Princess as often as I can, while hoping that the reign of terror in Iraq ends soon and that John Lennon's dream of us all living in peace somehow comes true.

Against the Reign of Terror in Iraq

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