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Default Re: Re: Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

>We are on the Coral repositioning cruise leaving Ft. Lauderdale on 4/23 and both have "issues" about this war. However we support and feel tremendous support for our young people serving in Iraq as well as the Iraqui people. The war is a real cloud hanging over our year-long anticiptaed Panama Canal cruise.<

We will be on the same cruise and don't have any qualms because of the war. I not only support the troops but I also support our efforts to liberate the Iraqis from this despot who would gladly supply weapons of mass destruction to groups that hate the USA. I have been on other cruise ships that had production shows that were very patriotic, almost to the extent of being embarrassing. Not a show but the waiters on one cruise tried to be patriotic when they sang some patriotic songs but they just didn't sound right with their accents. (G)

If I feel the production number is offensive, I will also let the management know on board the ship, in my feedback and with a letter to management when I get back. I realize that each person sees things differently and it might not affect me as it did the author of this thread. Hopefully, by the time we travel, in two weeks, the war should basically be over and people will realize what actually has been done for the Iraqi people. Very few people want war - most desire peace but there are times when actions such as these have to be taken, as in WW II, to assure peace.
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