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Default Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

From what I understand the show is a review of rock and roll through the years. The pics that went along with Imagine were from the 1960's. It was meant to be taken in that context. It had NOTHING to do with what is going on today...that show has been in production for more than one year!

So, you objected to the song and the accompanying video......that is your right, but if you came across to the personnel on board ship as you do in your post, it is no wonder that they didn't respond the way YOU wanted them to; when someone tries to "terrorize" and "browbeat" me, I sure as heck don't respond the way they think I should! If it still upsets you at this late date, then write a CALM, well thought out letter to Princess Corporate......I will tell you if you write a letter with the attitude you wrote your post on this thread, the will NOT respond to you.

Post edited to add: I am completely in support of our President and our troops....100%. And I also desperately want peace in the world. There is a lot more out there that upsets me - this would not have upset me in the least...and yes, I have acquaintances and family members of friends and coworkers serving over in Iraq.

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